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Divinity Beer Systems also designs most of it draft systems with a "mixed gas" to push the kegs, rather than just CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) alone. This technology allows the beer to be dispensed at proper pressures, without over or under-carbonating the beer. A system that employs the use of mixed gas usually increases revenue between 5-10%; beer that would have otherwise been lost down the drain as "over-foaming".

Gas blenders are the simplest option of obtaining the proper gas blend to dispense your kegs. The blending unit is a small, wall-mountable box that simply connects gas lines from both your CO2 and N (Nitrogen) tanks. The precise mixer inside of the box then automatically mixes the two gases into the appropriate blend(s) needed for your draft system. Double outlet gas blenders are also a convenient way to replace additional tanks usually required for Guinness and other nitrogenated beers. Gas blenders are available for purchase from the menu to the left.

Divinity Beer Systems also sells and leases nitrogen generators. These units provide profitability and efficiency by producing 99.8% pure nitrogen from the surrounding air and then mixing it with carbon dioxide to produce the perfect gas blend for your draft system. Already have a gas blender? These generators are also available without a built-in gas blender. Eliminating the need to ever purchase tanks of nitrogen again saves you the trouble of ordering tank refills or experiencing the dreaded "gas run-out" during your establishment's busiest times. Call us today at (888) 763-BEER to find out how our Nitrogen generators can potentially save your establishment thousands of dollars.